Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

GoodBite uses palm oil in its products. We believe it is important that this palm oil is produced in a sustainable way. This is why we have become a member of RSPO.

Schouten uses sustainable palm oil - member of RSPO

Global demand for palm oil is rising. On the one hand, this can be attributed to rising prosperity levels in countries such as China and India and, on the other, because of the increasing popularity of palm oil as raw material for biofuels. This is leading to an increase in the overall oil palm area in the production countries. There is a concern that in certain cases this will be at the expense of the tropical rain forest. Other concerns raised pertain to labour relations at the plantations and the use of pesticides. The Dutch oil-processing industry is committed to making global palm oil production more sustainable.

In view of the high economic and dietary importance of this trade, the industry seeks to cooperate with local and international parties in a Round Table on sustainable palm oil. By entering into international agreements, the fats and oils industry consciously opts to pursue a production method that will ultimately be fully sustainable.

Schouten uses sustainable palm oil - member of RSPO

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

The international platform in which social organisations, industry and the retail sector are seeking to make global palm oil production sustainable is called the ‘Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’ (RSPO). Criteria have been formulated by this platform that guarantee due care for humans, animals and the environment and that, in addition to the social and ecological aspects, also take into account the economic aspects..

The World Wide Fund for Nature, Oxfam Novib and various local social organisations form part of the Round Table and act as discussion partners in improving the production conditions, the certification of these conditions, and safeguarding the different trade flows throughout the chain.