About us

GoodBite is a brand of meat substitutes. The products contain ingredients such as proteins from soya, wheat and peas. GoodBite meat substitutes have been available in Dutch supermarkets since 2002.


The company behind the GoodBite brand is the North Brabant family business Schouten Europe B.V. The origins of the Schouten enterprise go back to 1893, when the great-grandfather of the current director started a bakery.

Schouten is a family company

On the right of the photo Marinus Schouten, great-grandfather of the current director.

Schouten Europe B.V. came into existence in 1990. We were the first Dutch company to start developing meat substitutes. The GoodBite products are developed at our site in Giessen by our director Henk and his son Wouter. We hope that you are familiar with the products and find them tasty. If you have any suggestions for improvements or have any other questions, feel free to send us a message.

Production of meat substitutes
The GoodBite snack balls during production

The GoodBite products are produced and packaged in the Netherlands before arriving at your supermarket.

Staff members GoodBite
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